my life as anne sexton

Not a word said so far on life in Zürich, rehearsals with Cie. Denise Lampart, endless days in Tanzhaus, or the very necessary evening beer drinking along the river, even though I’ve been a resident of the town since late June, and we’re into the second half of three months rehearsals.

So, rehearsals are fun and hard; physically, mentally, and emotionally. Dealing with a woman who tried to kill herself 37 times before succeeding, masturbated in public, was generally quite psycho and should have laid off the booze and pills and spent the intervening moment of semi-lucidity writing bad-trip poetry full of body parts and sexual violence is making for moments of gut-wrenching. Hence the evening beers, where we look partly shell-shocked and a bit hysterical.

Unlike SiWiC, I haven’t been trigger-happy with my camera, but now things are starting to take shape, and it’s getting messy (dirt, milk, black liquids of all descriptions, water …), which looks good in photos. Here is what happens when I point the camera pretty mindlessly around Tanzhaus, which is mostly my whole life at the moment, and quite strikingly beautiful when the light is just right, which it has been every evening for the last two weeks.

Oh, and I’ve put a new category in, switzerland, to deal with all the stuff that happens where I’m now living. I thought about one for Zürich too but then I’d need another category for everything that happens outside Zürich but in Suisse/Schweiz … so … Switzerland it is.