KJ #64: Special Issue on Gender in Asia

Kyoto Journal is seeking submissions for KJ#64 Gender in Asia, guest edited by contributing editor Sally McLaren. More information on their website.

“This special issue of Kyoto Journal will focus on the positive, progressive, and celebratory aspects of gender in Asia. Despite enduring traditions and a strongly ingrained patriarchy, gender identity in Asia can be far more ambiguous and fluid than is often assumed. What are the changes, challenges and possibilities? We want to explore this as well as the relations between gender, culture and power in modern Asia. In particular, as the media are deeply connected to the construction of gender, how is gender in Asia negotiated, defined and represented?”

“This is NOT a feminist or gay special issue of Kyoto Journal. We aim to encompass ALL genders in Asia, exploring the concepts of femininity and masculinity but going beyond the female/male, hetero/homo binary.”

— Kyoto Journal