jenny saville – passage

It’s not that she’s new or anything, but I love how certain artists come back to my attention over the years and for some reason I feel there’s a progression or shifting of interest in their works that makes me go “wow!” about them all over again.

So getting my hair dyed tonight and passing the time as the pigments leeched into my rather abused follicles, I was reading a bunch of magazines I wouldn’t usually pick up, being more of the dirty art-fashion-design bourgeoisie than the Miami-blonde-Cosmopolitan office chick. And jumping out at me was Jenny Saville, who doesn’t have an ‘official’ website, but this one is kinda good.

Actually what was jumping out at me was the monstrous canvas she stood in front of, or maybe the cock attached to the definitely female (harhar) reclining nude. Either way, I put her name in my head came home and plundered the internet.