hugo wolf projekt

Like I write about everyone from DanceWEB who tells me about their shows, so now I’m going to do the same for SiWiC. Actually I do it for pretty much anyone who a) makes good art or b) has nice hair. Hans has nice hair. He was the number one famous person in SiWiC for his hair and should be in really really really ridiculously expensive full page ads in seriously expensive fashion magazines for his hair. Anyway, he’s also a choreographer, and has a premiere of his latest work, which he went back straight from Zurich to make. And he has a website too.

A new piece by Hans-Werner Klohe

World Premiere: 15th of September 2005, 8:30 pm
Additional shows: 16.-18. &22.-24. September 2005, 8:30 pm
Venue: St. Elisabeth-Kirche, Invalidenstr. 3, Berlin-Mitte

“I am the kind of man, who in everything acts only on his impulses and when the pertinent degree of electricity has gathered within me, something happens.” (Hugo Wolf)

Starting point for the choreography is the music of Hugo Wolf and Alexander Skrjabin.

The project approaches the compositions of these two artists through an open stage and performance concept, in which the classical forms of representation for the songs are broken open. Dancers, singer, pianist and set designer see themselves as independent artistic entities, meeting on stage and interacting together in their own respectively “specific”language. This interplay is embedded in a stage set that dissolves the familiar relationship of performers and audience und creates an intimate space in which the audience can experience the music and the dance at close proximity. This contact is the link, the bridge between yesterday and today, between the romantic songs and the contemporary experiences of the performers. Emotional twists and turns, which worry us just as much today as in the past. The excessiveness, sometimes sentimentality of Wolf’s song compositions und the heaviness of Skrjabin’s piano music obtain therein an unexpected degree of up-to-datedness.

The fantasies elicited by this music are translated into danced movements, which do not wish to tell a story but develop their very own dramaturgy out of the structure of the songs und eventually dissolve into both touching and moving images.

I’m very glad to have found first-class musicians for my new piece: the pianist Anne Le Bozec, who has just recently been appointed professor at the Conservatoire in Paris, as well as the young baritone Christoph Sökler, who is performing with the Staatsoper in Stuttgart.

— Hans-Werner Klohe