exotic bodies heavenly products

Two artists who always give me a thrill when the invite for their latest show lands in my inbox are Nusra Qureshi and Naeem Rana. Doing for contemporary Pakistani art and painting what Xiao Yu did for advancing the cause of Chinese art. Well, maybe no baby’s heads, but if I had a few dollars and a wall to hang stuff on, Nusra and Naeem would be down several paintings. They are awesome, talented like you wished all artists were, devoid of the kind of post-modern irony which masks dead-end lack of ideas, and savagely political like a good kick in the guts. See their sown in Adelaide, or just beg them to come to your town.

Exotic Bodies Heavenly Products

Opening 8 September
Nexus Multicultural Arts Centre
Lion Arts Centre
Corner North Terrace&Morphett Street
Adelaide SA
Phone:(08)8212 4276

— Nusra Qureshi & Naeem Rana