slim pickings at supernaut

Yeah, I know four days of posting in half a month constitutes a new zenith in blogging atrophy for me. After the hilarity and all-round soap-opera of SiWiC, I’ve been a bit stuck. Part of me wants to continue writing insultingly personal commentaries on my everyday life, another part wants to stick with what this was all about, documenting dance and art in China. (ok, it was really just an exercise in sublimating the gaping abyss of unfulfillment which I was spelunking early last year while enduring lengthy separation from the love of my life: duck noodle soup). The larger part of me just wants to drink beer and screw.

Writing about SiWiC was as much about writing in itself and the game of words as it was about making something of a diary of three weeks of low-brow stupidity, something I think back on DanceWEB about and am pretty bloody pleased I a) didn’t try and blog while sleep-deprived and hallucinating and b) was still in the early stages of digital camera wet-dream-ateria.

Writing about rehearsing with Denise now in the same way is probably about as sensible as sticking a metal-handled knife into a toaster to see how hot it gets. (Not very. The resulting electrical shock usually throws me across the kitchen) It’s also a whole lot less blaringly intense, which was the attraction of the three week daily writing jag in the first place, and it’s mostly something I don’t think would benefit from being documented obsessively, especially every day for three months. Or maybe it would if I took the time to work out what to write.

Along with still being an itinerant bed-hopper, my internet access is also fairly limited either in time or in speed which simply means I don’t have the luxury of spending two hours a day trawling through the cluster-fuck of news to find stuff I want to write about. And then write about it. But I’ve been fluffing my ego looking back over 18 months of my pixelated, binary salivation and drool, transparent and shameless art-whoring, slanderous vituperations against mediocre dance and boring art, and … jeez there’s alot of art in China.

Which mostly means I’m confused. (Not the least by how so many people come here looking for “hot anal fist-fuck teenage asian whore fucking”. I mean ok, there’s the ‘whore’ in supernaut and yeah … asian, I write about that alot, and I know I swear a shitload, but that’s what happens when you live in Australia, but come on, there’s nothing more pathetic than someone with no fucking clue how to use the internet or a computer trying to find porn. I mean really, are you stupid?)

Mostly confused, then. Currently reading the collected works of Iain Banks and Iain M. Banks who is an unqualified genius, listening to The Breeders and The Pixies, living in an almost mansion of an apartment, having a great time in Zürich, running out of battery life, going to bed (will try and write with slightly more regularity and frequency).