siwic day 6 – frostbite

This was a day I didn’t enjoy. A task that sucked, having to work with another choreographer, many additional requirements pegged on, a pervasive miasma of dissatisfaction and feeling like being back in student land. Still, I managed to keep up a good quota of killing dancers, this time with coal-black frostbite creeping through the their flesh, rendering the complex cellular architecture into mush. The dancers are awesome, and the evening was spent getting drunk and wandering around the town, which made a big change from my current Zurich life of sleep-bus-dance-bus-sleep.

Also had the joy of seeing a meticulously constructed solo from one of the dancers who lives in town. He’d choreographed the whole thing in Photoshop and After-Effects, then printed each frame to acetate before exposing each cell onto 16mm film, some 14,000 of them over two days. The resulting projection, over the top of the dancer was simple, elegant, and a fine expression of one idea taken all the way.