siwic – are we famous yet?

There were some people with cameras and others asking questions and taking notes who weren’t considering charging us with several offenses which would have left us picking up bars of soap for fat, hairy bikers and going for a ride in the covered wagon. I think they all had very complimentary things to say about SiWiC, but I don’t read German, so the thrill of the unknown remains. Alternately, I could provide my own translation, but you might not believe it.

Nina Scheu, who writes for Tages-Anzeiger and seemed to be having a good time very kindly sent me three articles which appeared in local papers. For any of you who are interested and can read German, I’ve included links to these.

Wer lernt was im Choreografiekurs? – Die 9. Ausgabe des SiWiC – Christina Thurner Neue Zürcher Zeitung 13.07.2005

Ein Raum Für Wache Sinne – Eva Bucher Züritipp (Tages-Anzeiger) 14.07.2005

Hundert Choreografien in zwei Wochen – Nina Scheu Tages-Anzeiger 14.07.2005