shadetreemechanic at the body festival

In all the rush to get on and do nothing, I forgot completely that my film, shadetreemechanic was screened on the weekend at The Body Global Festival in Christchurch, New Zealand. Filmed on beautiful 16mm by the genius sea dog Paul Williams in a fucking freezing underground car-park, home to car burnings and the odd murder, in the middle of winter, in barefeet on a concrete floor flooded with water. Lucky I was fairly timid then and not in my “all dancers must be naked and covered in mess” stage. Also screening were films from Sue Healey, Shona McCullagh, Lloyd Newson and a bunch of others. I haven’t heard how it went yet, but in the meantime, you can always watch the film on my other site. And the title comes from late-night viewing of Tav Falco videos, and has nothing to do with anything.