slumming it in vevey

The most skanky flight I have ever had in my life was on the weekend, Hong Kong to Bangkok, to Dubai, to Zurich. Emirates Airlines. The food was so bad I could not recognise what it was I was being asked to eat. And that was the least of my worries. Dubai. What an utter shithole of an airport. Please someone pull the bathplug and watch it get sucked down past the u-bend.

But now I am in Vevey. And oh-my-fucking-god is there anywhere else is the world so beautiful to wake up in? It is disgusting. The lake. The mountains. The other mountains. The lake again. The 300 year old castle by the lake full of dancers. So beautiful I had to sleep for 36 hours before I could face it.

So, a week in Vevey before going to Zurich to SiWiC. I’ll write stuff some time, but currently I’m on holiday.