literature commune chicken

I went to Park19 today to say goodbye to everyone until next time I stumble through Guangzhou. I also made time to see the exhibition on at 文献公社, the Literature Commune. which is the bookshop on the 7th floor, filled with lots of prints of new Chinese artists the world is going to learn to love.

Actually, I imagined this exhibition was alot bigger, like a group one, or maybe it was but I missed some of it. Either way, it was on in the hallway leading to the bookshop, and was dominated by the talk of the town, the Chinese Chicken Vagina Urinating Pizza, which gives what’s his name of Piss Christ fame a serious beating in the yellow liquid art competition.

So, I took some photos. Then bought some DVDs. It’s my last night in Guangzhou tonight, so I’m going out in search of something to make a stopover in Dubai bearable.