extermination at park19

Last year when extermination got performed, we also made a film. It’s been lurking, several rolls of 16mm, slowly going from can to computer to editing to sound designer…

It’s been on a plane this week, taking a tour of southern China, and at 6pm today, it arrived at Park19. Which is good because tomorrow night it’s getting its world premiere. All the details are below, come along it’s gonna be a scream.

Last Saturday Park19 was filled with dirt and death metal, bikinis and the dripping sweat of bitches. This Friday, direct from Melbourne, Australia via the courier through Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and a bunch of other places (and currently somewhere no-one is quite sure of but very near Park19) is a 30 minute work of Baroque gore.

zeroballet and Park19 would like to invite you to the world premiere of extermination. This half hour film, shot on 16mm by acclaimed filmmaker Paul Williams takes you into the bleeding guts of the performance described as “troubling and pornographic”.

extermination is a meditation on Jean Baudrillard’s book Symbolic Exchange and Death; on bodies that are models, robots, animals, corpses; on heavy metal, Motorhead and Slayer; on clothes, costumes, makeup, underwear, and shoes, and every kind of bad behaviour; On Goya and Disasters of War, the death of God, the end of civilisation; on bodies beyond morality; betray, seduce, kill, undress; The collective insanity of delinquent groups filled with indescribable euphoria, an out-of-control blindness, completely certain of what they do.

” … increasingly extreme imagery with a nonchalant, stop/start execution produced a discomforting sense of both deep, primal violation and unconcerned superficiality … ” RealTime

” … by staying we condone what verges on the pornographic …” The Age

who: zeroballet & park19
where: Park19
8th Floor, 2nd Building
168 Nantai Rd, Jiangnan Dadao Nan
Haizhu District

when: 8:00pm
Friday 10th June

contact: 020 2228 5151

Supported by the Australia-China Council and the Australian Government

For your taxi driver:
联系方式: 020 2228 5151