dance sucker dance

It’s the start of summer, so that means every town and its dog has a dance festival for the next three months. I always love dance festivals. Amidst the walls of rubbish, there are always works of sublime genius that I’d never see if it wasn’t for being at the festival. Emio Greco, Mark Tompkins at ImPulsTanz, Jan Fabre at MIFA, and now Seoul is currently host to the 24th International Modern Dance Festival.

It’s totally unfair to compare it to the recent Guangzhou Dance Festival, but what the hell. Check it out. All the big monsters of contemporary dance are in the ring like a bunch of WWF Wrestlers. Jerome Bel, Damaged Goods, Dumb type, Ultima Vez, along with equal numbers of Korean companies. Even better, MODAFE has a blog: Modafe 2005 – 네이버::블로그.