beautiful boxer at singapore arts fest

Anyone who even heard of Beautiful Boxer knows what happens when a Muay Thai boxer decides wearing a dress is more fun. Now she’s off to the Singapore Arts Festival with her one-woman all-singing, all-dancing tranny kick-boxing extravaganza. I reckon the WWF are gonna lose alot of fans to Boxing Cabaret. (Needs a better name though … how about Rumble Wrestle Trannie Smackdown … nah, that sounds like the kinda shit I’d make…)

Beautiful Boxer star to make theatrical debut in Singapore

A transsexual Thai kickboxer whose rags-to-riches story was made into an acclaimed film will make her theatrical debut in Singapore next month, she has said.

Parinya Charoenphol, whose film and lipstick-wearing in the ring won the hearts of millions in Thailand and around Asia, is set to make her debut in a one-woman show called “Boxing Cabaret”.

The 22-year-old, better known as Nong Toom, said the show with a mix of broadway and traditional and contemporary Thai dance would open in Singapore on June 17 and be brought to Thailand in August.

“I hope people enjoy it, and understand people like me a little bit better,” Nong Toom told reporters on Wednesday.

The show is in five acts or “rounds” — separated by bells, as in a Muay Thai kickboxing fight — and covers Nong Toom’s life before and after her 2002 sex change operation, men, Muay Thai and love.

She chose to act in a cabaret “because I like singing and dancing, and it comes naturally,” Nong Toom said.

In a scene performed for the media, the budding starlet recalls hearing a mother tell her child to stay away from Nong Toom, or they would end up like her.

“I may be different, but I am an not a transmissible disease,” Nong Toom says in the show, which she performs in English for the Singapore Arts Festival. In Bangkok the show will be in Thai and English.

— Channel NewsAsia