Yoga in Guangzhou

For residents of Guangzhou who really miss that yoga class you’d go to in the evening or on the weekend, I will be starting to teach beginners and intermediate classes in the city in the next week.

In the past three years, I’ve been teaching yoga in Guangzhou at the Modern Dance Company and School, at Nanhai and Dongguan Academies of Contemporary Dance, and at Yunna Studio. This has been on top of teaching contemporary dance, and choreographing.

The classes are Ashtanga, starting with sun salutes, then plenty of standing poses and balances, followed by floor positions, then various back extensions and arches and inverted poses – head and handstands and finishing with the closing sequences and some breathing exersises. The emphasis is on building strength, flexibility, and endurance, and correct alignment in the asanas and while moving between them.

Classes are being held in Tian He near the Tian He stadium, and Jiangnan, which is south of the river, just over from Haizhu Park, near Zhongshan University. I’ll be teaching in a mix of English and Mandarin. Email me with the link on the right for more info.