stranger than fiction

Australia’s only true genius, Phillip Adams has been shacked up in Hong Kong, a mere spit from Guangzhou. He’s been making a new work with 城市當代舞蹈團 CCDC which premieres tomorrow night. I could blather on about how Phillip is the number one choreographer in Asia (yes I rank them) and on the crap/genius scale he is phenomenally in the latter, in fact he, along with Jan Fabre and William Forsythe is what I measure dance by. Yup, he’s that good. Instead, read what he has to say, buy a plane ticket now, and go to Hong Kong for the weekend. I’ll be there.

Collaboration notes between Xing Liang and Phillip Adams by Phillip Adams

Stranger than Fiction is about presenting choreography that both extends and challenges habitual ways of performance and creating new conventions towards developing a highly original style of presentation.

As Xing Liang and I approach the creative process of Stranger than Fiction we truly believe that the significance of the artistic vision is of the utmost importance in contributing to the prolific growth and depth of research into contemporary dance. CCDC is a great supporter of cross artform collaboration, and I have found the experience and practice invaluable to the creation of a distinctive and highly accomplished new work. Xing Liang and I seek to invoke a transforming and sensational experience for the audience, the art form, and the performer.

While retaining the essence and structure of theatrical dance techniques, I push the boundaries of their performance contexts. Blending, juxtaposing and twisting classic and contemporary dance forms, I invent movement vocabularies that reference contemporary popular culture. The visual impact of the movement and the provocative installation-based imagery play equal parts within my unique choreography.

As artist, we are interested in contributing to the creation of performance, which has a true dialogue with the contemporary world. Our new collaboration seeks to diffuse and redefine the existing paradigms of dance practise. Dance is a challenging forum in which to explore the complex interdisciplinary nature of image, movement, and sound speaking together. CCDC’s new work, Stranger than Fiction , will provide the creative opportunity/platform by which we will continue to nurture and refine that process.

The potential for Stranger than Fiction gives rise to our desire to continue working together to explore and articulate a common performance language based, as it is, on the creative investigation of the unconventional presentation of a process. It is prefect timing in both our careers to bring our creative relationship to a more intensive level. I look forward to the collaboration with Xing Liang, as I can see how our different choreographic skills will dovetail together well.