SoUndScaPe PErformaNcE!

I was just thinking noone seemed to be doing anything and thought I’d had to write even more crap about the daily life of a :cough: artist when thankfully everyone started churning out stuff again. Alexis who taught me how to walk like a New York Shemale Street Whore (my ultimate ambition) and shake my tush like Bambi walzing through the forest, and who I took possibly the best photo in my entire life of is making stuff. In North Carolina. North Carolina? Can I get a bus there or something?

Question: What do all these events have in common?

1676- Bacon’s Rebellion begins in the New World.
1857- The Bengal Army in India revolts against the British
1994- Nelson Mandela is sworn in as South Africa’s first Black President
2005- eXperimental Dance and Music Collaboration Premiere of the SoundScape performance in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Answer: All of these radical, victorious and monumental events can align themselves on May 10th!

SoundScape is a full-length evening dance performance featuring dancers and musicians improvising together. The collaboration between local artists is the culmination of a six-week intensive workshop led by local dance choreographer, Alexis Mastromichalis. The performance will highlight structured improvisations, partnering exercises and music/dance collaborations.

Over the past month and a half, SoundScape workshop has featured various musicians providing a different ‘sound scape’ of music, allowing a dynamic backdrop for dancers to transpose improvised sound into movement. At various points this musical collage has featured rhythmical noise beats, feedback, mixers, samplers, keyboards, clarinet, mandolin, saxophones, guitar, drums, and even a pair of wired gym shorts!

SoundScape has hosted over a dozen local musicians from local bands Cold Sides, Boyzone, Boner Machine, Audobahn Park, The Nein,Mowing Lawns, Dyssembler, BlaBla Wigout, Pykrete, Shark Quest and countless other local projects.

The SoundScape performance on May 10th will feature all of these musicians in a giant improvisation at the new Wetlands Dance Hall, formerly Treehouse, from 8pm to 9:30 pm, to be followed by a Post-Performance discussion and dANCE tHROWdOWN!

When: Tuesday, May 10th at 8pm. Doors open at 7:30 pm
Where: Wetlands Dance Hall, Rosemary St. above Hell, below and behind the Franklin St. Post Office (formerly Treehouse)
Cost: $3 dollars.
Contact: Alex Mastromichalis at 919.923.7910 or