Sonar 2005

When I was at a very impressionable age my downward spiral away from god and into the arms of hedonism was mostly due to the devil’s music. It was a bunch of nancy-boys wearing too much make-up looking like girls, bouffant hair, tight black PVC and leather dresses and bondage gear making punk look like last year’s glamour and they sang I just can’t get enough and it was as gay as Sylvester and Divine. then the smack got too much and even later, with tattoos down to both wrists and a blacker menace, they sang I feel loved. Depeche Mode. Worth spreading your legs for.

Sonar 2005 is pretty soon, and besides some wicked stuff from Japan, a sort of documenta of the current electronic music scene from the country that brought you the wigged out Yellow Magic Orchestra and Merzbow, Depeche Mode‘s Martin Gore is turning up to make some fuckin noize.