pirate satellite

Emile Zile, who regular readers will know of as the evil black hand of Morloch and all-round defiler of good taste is curating an exhibition at Spacement in Melbourne, which for some reason is banned in China. Lots of fully wicked video artists like Alex and Liane (DE), Yoshi Sodeoka (JP/NY), Helena Montesinos (CH), David Blumenstein (AU), Marcus Valentine (UK), Marcus Keating (AU), Touch Me Tiger (AU), Anton Nguyen (AU). Opens Thursday 19th May.

Emile Zile could be described as a 21st Century renaissance man when it comes to new media. For Zile, ” whatever fits the idea, whatever medium”.

His career includes such diverse mediums as live performance, festival video, photography, club nights and electronic mongoloids without roots.

Zile’s recent projects include co-producing of CORNERFOLD ISSUE NINE for SBS NEWMEDIA, participation in the NOISE FESTIVAL in october 03 and a national co-ordinator of the YOUNG WRITERS FESTIVAL in newcastle NSW

— Spacement