supernaut – ecto’s blog of the week

Adriaan, the maker of the best blogging client ecto, has slapped up supernaut as the ecto powered blog of the week. Fully sick. I’m very flattered, especially as traffic has been going up (past the 1 gig a month since I started this category), while blogging has been going … ummm … down. I’m trying though! (I’ve been busy with travelling and it’s grant-writing season [think duck-shooting season for artists] and I have to come up with the bucks to get to Zurich in July … unfunded residencies are like waking up and finding out you gotta pay for it when you thought it was like, vice-versa…).

And while we’re talking about ecto, how fucking cool is the latest release?!?! with excellent Technorati Tag support, swank new interface in time for Tiger, new icons… mmm… I like. So, yay! thanks Adriaan.

I have been too busy with ecto 2.3, so I skipped a week, but here’s the new ecto-powered blog of the week: supernaut. This blog’s written by a dancer/choreographer who gets around a lot, but has been spending an extended period of time in China. The design looks professional and the content ranges from art, politics, travel, to bikes and climbing. Personally, I enjoy the parts on China as it reads like a true travel diary. For more background on the author, zeroballet page offers plenty of detail, including the movie where the blog’s name comes from.

— ecto