Stop Motion

I arrived back in perfect time for the start of the 第二届广东现代舞 – 2nd Guangdong Modern Dance Festival, two weeks of non-stop dance action, with the all-time rowdy pirates of the Guangdong Modern Dance Company, Hong Kong’s CCDC, Expressions from Brisbane, and a bunch of other stuff I have no idea about yet coz I’m still a bit disorganised.

But today the favourite combination was Shopping Malls and Dance Photography. South East Asia’s largest mall, the cavernous and maze-like 正佳广场 Grand View Mall and British Photographer Chris Nash opened Stop Motion, part of a larger exhibition of Nash’s covering twenty years of his photography of the British dance scene. And it’s bloody everyone from DV8 to the Featherstonehaugh’s and even Wendy Houston (doing a Patty Smith) and Akram Khan.

But the main deal – besides seeing in a single hit almost everyone I have known (and sometimes forgotten) in Guangzhou – was the awesomely awesome Guangdong Modern Dance Co, looking happy and really fucking hot. Crap! I forgot my camera, but yay! I had my phone.