cutting extermination

One of the things I came back to Australia for was the editing of the 16mm film of extermination from last year. It’s been a while, but that’s what happens when everything is done with no funding (thanks ozco, how much do you spend on making your website look :cough: trendy every six months?). So it’s all been digitised, the audio and video have been synched, the cutting has begun, and it looks fucking awesome.

Paul is a consummate genius on Final Cut Pro, as well as being an excellent director. Between him and cinematographer Marcus, they’ve got stuff that displays the violence and fury of the piece from within. It’s not an audience perspective film, more like a spectral panopticon enshrouded with the flailing and thrashing bodies of the dancers.

It’s going to be pretty much finished by the time I go back to Guangzhou (next Friday), and ready for its premiere in Guangzhou at Park19 in early May. Then hopefully sometime in May in Melbourne. My job in the whole thing is getting back inside Apple Motion, where I’ve been living like a deranged hobo for the past three weeks and do some suitable Satanic and Death Metal-ish titles. Lots of fire and brimstone.