2005 Asia Young Choreography Projects

The World Dance Alliance is currently seeking is currently seeking choreographers from across the Asian region for the annual choreographic workshop in Taiwan in July. Information can be found at 2005 Asia Young Choreography Projects. Last year’s Australian choreographer was Amanda Phillips who is currently in China touring a work produced by Barry Plews of Creative Futures and Reckless Moments.

Four choreographers recommended by WDA–AP will be selected to attend a Young Choreographer project in Taipei, Taiwan in 2005. Four other young Taiwanese choreographers will also be selected. The funding are supported by the Culture Bureau of the Kaohsiung city and Jih Sun Foundation for Education in Taiwan. The location will be in the city of Kaohsiung, which is in the south of Taiwan, and will be held from July (exact dates and location to be confirmed in May), with a performance in the end of the project.

Choreographers will be selected from names recommended by World Dance Alliance-Asia Pacific delegates. The deadline for the applicants is April 15, as recommendations have to be forwarded to Taiwan by May 1. Depending on funding available, housing, local transportation, dancers, studios and office assistance are offered and a total of NT$30,000 (about US$800) for the honorarium will be provided. Airfares will not be covered.

The selected choreographers will have to set the dance on the Taiwanese dancers who will have been selected in Taiwan. It is recommended that only young choreographers who feel they can meet the challenges and stresses of producing a work in unfamiliar circumstances (and with unfamiliar dancers) should apply. The panel in each country and in Taiwan will also be making their selections based on potential to be a significant contributor to the field in the future.

— 2005 Asia Young Choreography Projects