some site changes

I’ve just made some small changes to the layout of the sidebar. Firstly reorganised the links a bit (and cut the dead/not-updated ones) into separate China, Hong Kong and Taiwan sections. It felt a bit weird having links in Taiwan or Hong Kong under ‘China’.

Secondly I’ve rewritten the CSS that deals with the layout of the links after my amazing discovery that mixing Definition Lists and Unordered Lists was a bit stupid. So there’s about a hundred less lines of code and hopefully more cross-browser conformity.

It still ain’t perfect though. It looks best in Firefox, and ok in Safari. In Safari though the coloured bullets sit a bit below the link text. Buggered if I can work out why. In Opera and IE (on Mac) the bullets sit a bit low and get clipped. Again, no idea why. Also in IE (mac) and probably on windows too the sidebar is still lurking somewhere below the entry content. In short, I don’t understand.

If anyone knows why my css and html is so skanky could you please put me out of my misery. Thanks.