apple motion

I finally laid my grubby little hands on Apple’s truly magnificent new video software Motion. It’s like all the good bits of Photoshop and Final Cut Pro combined with Flash (minus the crappy stuff like ego-destroying ActionScript black-holes), and so hideously easy to use it’s going to put alot of designers out of a job.

Through some glorious assaulting of software, I managed to make it run on my ancient (3 year old) G4 Powerbook. 1/3 as much required RAM, nowhere near the required video card, a processor nearly four times too slow as needed, and many hours spent creating symbolic links to run the whole thing off my external HD because my internal is a pissy 20gig, and zowie!!! It lives! (OK, it lives like a robber’s dog compared to running it on a G5, but am I complaining?). Motion! Fully sick!