all about genesis

One evening in Taipei, drinking at some bar I met my evil twin. It’s not often I meet someone who knows that Alien Sex Fiend’s album Liquid Head in Tokyo is one of the great work of the last 20 years. And introducing me to Soft Pink Truth is one of the highlights of last year. The real clincher though, kinda like a good old goth blood-drinking ritual was telling me all about Genesis P-Orridge’s latest adventures.

A long time ago Genesis was part of the legendary Throbbing Gristle, some of whom went on to form Psychic TV. All round industrial noise and black magic stuff. Along with William Burroughs and Divine, Genesis was one of my biggest influences. But we drifted apart. The whole spiritual gear doesn’t sit well with an atheist, and alot of the humour vanished somewhere between Europe and the South Pole. I hadn’t really thought about the whole TG/PTV thing for ages.

So back to the bar in Taipei. My evil twin says, “do you know Genesis has had a sex-change?”. Well, no, I didn’t, but if anyone could announce they were changing sex and not surprise me, it’d be Gen. And Gen also has a blog now, where you can follow the surgical processes in almost real time. Genius. And Gen just performed at The Hair Happening along with Isabella Rossellini, Calvin Klein, and a bunch of others. Nice to know there’s still some genuinely strange people in the world making really cool art.