transsexuals on supernaut

It’s only out of sheer laziness that I haven’t done this before. So while I’m freezing my arse off in Guangzhou (how fucking cold is it here?!?! Tropical palm trees and almost cold enough for a morning frost.) I thought I’d start the category which is missing but which I write about pretty regularly.

So, welcome to supernaut’s transsexual category. Transsexuals, shemales, transgender, ladyboys, drag queens, chicks with dicks, and my current favourite, 人妖 – renyao, which everyone tells me comes from Thailand, and literally means enchanting devil (or something. it could mean monster man or even goblin person, which is my next new category…).

All in the name of fucking art of course. If you want porn use google’s image search if you’re a miser, or sign up to one of the millions of sites devoted to lubricating your imagination. This is mainly for all the transsexuals in Asia I read about and sometimes meet who are doing cool things, like Shanghai choreographer 金星 Jin Xing.

Why? Well in the words of the immortal junkie and William Tell impersonator William Burroughs who seduced me away from God and onto the path of sin in Satan’s arms (and then later to nihilistic atheism) at a young and impressionable age, I write about what I know.