taiwan punk fucks the shit up

I missed The Deported play at 這牆 The Wall a few weeks ago, but this piece by band-member AndyO on the China/Taiwan/Hong Kong punk scene appeared on ricecooker a few days ago. Lots of links to the bands, and a choice introduction to the whole scene.

we need your send us articles, artwork films, zines, recordings etc. ricecooker zine 14A bukit ceylon After martial law was lifted in the late 1980’s, a rock scene began to emerge. While the charts were dominated by sugary Mandarin-pop, rock bands like the LTK Commune (aka LTK, Taiwanese: L-ch-khoe Kong-si_ were making history in the small pubs and livehouses of Taipei. Known for their foul, violent, and pro-Taiwanese independence lyrics, as well as their unpredictable, inyourface performances, LTK quickly made a namemainstream acceptance.

— ricecooker | apa cerit?