nusra +naeem’s new gallery

I’ve written about Nusra and Naeem a couple of times in the past. I met them both when I was at art school, and they had come over from Pakistan to do post-grad in the art department. I always though Nusra’s small works were very cool, but I never had the money to buy one or a wall to hang it on. It’s with great pleasure I’m able to say they, along with artists Petra Nevistic, Robyn Thompson, Sabeen Raja, and Aqeela Sherazi have opened a gallery space at 24 Athelstan Road Camberwell (that’s Melbourne), Axes Art Space. The first show opens on February 27th.

The first event at the Axes Art Space is a group show by Naeem Rana, Nusra Qureshi, Petra Nevistic, Robyn Thompson, Sabeen Raja, and Aqeela Sherazi. Sabeen- a visiting artist form Pakistan/USA and Aqeela both present paintings with dissimilar interpretations of the South Asian miniature tradition. Robyn is a print maker, showing etchings that look at Australian culture. Petraís extremely detailed works on paper explore unexpected relationships of image and word.