I spent about all of five seconds last night adding scriptygoddess show/hide extended field piece of code. I’ve been a big fan of EastSouthWestNorth pretty much since I discovered blogs about 18 months ago, and always thought his inclusion of the whole article copy-pasted into the single-page post was one of the winning ideas out there.

Anyway, so a few days ago I was trying to find some info on an art gallery in Guangzhou, but the website I’d linked to currently doesn’t exist. Bugger. So I ransack my own archives – I’ve been obsessively copy-pasting any article I quote from all along – till I find it. Then I think, “fucking hell, if I had this in the post I’d have saved all of a minute trying to find the article”.

So knowing some mods for blogs can be a real pain in the ass to install and require all sorts of .cgi code hacking, I thought, “ok I’ll give myself 2 hours to get this working, then it can piss off”. Five seconds later… How easy was that? Copy-paste two bits of code and woohoo! Fucking genius.

Enough talking, let’s see it work. A new thing right here:

Genius. Almost as good as Flash.

Oh, and I redid the banner during the week too. Just a 10 minute Photoshop job. One day when I’m a bit more organised :cough: :lol: I’ll redesign the whole site. Oh for fucks sake, who are you kidding? Maybe a new banner more frequently…