ow my eye hurt

Just in time for Chinese New Year, my departure from the Taipei Artist Village and my impending :cough: holiday. A new site design.

No, unstyled text is not the design. Movable Type had some sort of fit when I was installing all of the templates and css and now renders like a mangy dog.

Besides that, there are some bugs I need to sort out in the CSS and HTML so if you’re looking at a car crash instead of some nice layout blame it on your browser and get Firefox. Also the archives seem to have got a bit corrupted and only show up in unformatted text or maybe that’s my router caching junk. Pretty fucking wierd.

Anyway, I’ve had five very long nights designing and coding this from the ground up including a 21 hour stretch right now, broken by a fast trip to Gongguan night market for jiangyuxiao, yangrouchuan, and other evil but delicious food.

[edit] Almost finished. It helps if you set the correct path to the css from your archives. A big big thank you to Louisa for spotting my genius defining of paths :o). So now just a couple of bugs to sort out. MT is very picky about the kind of code you can dump in its templates beyond straight html.

[edit 2] I’m off for a climb and a drink. This is pretty much done. The search doesn’t work at the moment coz I wrote some skanky code that broke it. Oh and if you’re using Explorer on Windows, the sidebar has gone somewhere south…

[edit 3] Search is now working. See this post for a proper explanation to do with the MT Technorati keyword plug-in.