music non-stop

I paid a visit to 這牆 The Wall on Saturday night. Well only got as far as the record shops after gorging myself insensate on yangrouchuan and other staffs of life. My aim was to buy Impiety’s album Paramount Evil … Damn I love Death Metal sometimes. But my desires were thwarted by Hell Ambassador, who did not have it.

But 閃靈 Chthonic, who have had a truly satanic year have just released their single Satan’s Horns, which is the theme for the Mandarin version of Freddy vs Jason.

I got no further than 小白兔橘子 White Wabbit records. Finding most of the back-catalogue of Swans, and a bunch of Sonic Youth on vinyl was just too much. This is one of those shops that anything you buy will be good. What I wanted though was Taiwan bands, and I found enough of them on 蘿蔔一代 Lobo One and 蘿蔔二代 Lobo 2 to keep me happy all week.