more chinese sci-fi

Two new Chinese science-fiction magazines have appeared on the market in China. As all the names have ‘fantasy’ and ‘science fiction’ in them, I’m confused. Danwei isn’t.

The first quarter of 2005 sees the formal launch of two new science fiction magazines. Issue number one of World SF 《世界科幻博览》 (not to be mistaken with the industry leader SF World) follows two trial issues last fall and features a retrospective of Chinese SF in the century since the first domestic story, 1904’s Moon Colony: A Novel. As its name implies, this magazine has a focus on international SF; 70% of each issue is devoted to translations.

Science Fiction Story, 《科幻•文学秀》, which ran three trial issues last year, sends out its inaugural issue in March. The cover of the second trial issue, from October, is shown below.

Another entry into this confusion of names is Fantasy Story, 《幻界Story》, a series of three magazines published out of Yunnan province. The December issue of the SF edition is shown below; the agency also has young reader and horror-themed editions. These three, published in 32K versions, do not compete directly with the larger, glossier (and more expensive) 16K books.

— Danwei