mini shuffle

OK, I’m your total mac whore. I read all the news and rumours sites, hang round the boards, think Terminal is a fun place. So naturally I don’t want to sleep until Steve Jobs’ Keynote speech at MacWorld San Francisco is all over. And all the rumours have been proved true. Or false. It’s just like Christmas all over but even better, coz I haven’t opened them a month in advance to sneak a look.

So waking up on Christmas morning… WOW! There really is a Mac mini! AND! a new iPod the size of a pack of chewing gum! How much? $99!!! AND! iWork!!! And if we’re not in cardiac arrest from all the excitement, there’s a whole swag of new bits of software and hardware to drool like an unmedicated maniac over.

So I’m just going to spend the next few minutes downloading Steve Job’s Keynote speech (“woo hoo! yeah yeah!”) and waste the morning in consumer heaven. omfg how good does all this shit look?

[edit] I just spent the last hour watching the presentation, and almost fell off my chair with the new iPods, not just the prices but THEY”RE AVAILABLE TODAY! And Tiger, OSX 10.4 coming soon, with the kind of search features across the whole system that currently exist in iTunes. Looks like I’ll be doing some upgrading soon. (How about the G5 PowerBook now?).