cut-up #6

cut-up the art of living in a medialised landscape issue number 6 is online now. For those of you who can’t read Dutch, here’s what the editors say:

Art, music and the banality of daily politics. Edition #6 of cut.up.magazine is now online.

One new article in English:
Interview with the photographer Rabea Eipperle from Berlin (Bas van Heur).

And for those who (would like to) understand (the) Dutch/Flemish:
The banal fundamentalism of Dutch politics (Thomas van Aalten and Harm Hopman); the work of art in the age of neoliberal recuperability (Didi de Pari$); Dear citizen ñ please behave (Alex van Veen); and the one and only Mediengruppe Telekommander interview (Theo Ploeg).

Images are by Guido Scheffers, Rabea Eipperle and Frank Kloos.

Reviews: Apparat, Rod, Station Rose, The Agents of Impurity, Airbus, Robotobibok and Hypergeo.

Praise, critique, contributions? Let us know what you think. We crave for your attention

— Fibreculture