asian blog awards

The results are in for the 2004 Asian Blog Awards. Go over and check it out, and see some new blogs written by people who know Asia and won’t feed you the same old mass-media line on every story, and make it a real place instead of some fantasy-land. I’ve discovered a whole heap of new blogs, especially in Central Asia which are now on my regular reading list. Altogether, there isn’t much point in watching tv or reading a newspaper anymore.

A big huge thanks to everyone who voted for me and gave me 2nd place in Best Mainland China Blog. I’m very flattered you think this is worth reading.

Congratulations to number 1 placed Dan Washburn at Shanghai Diaries, whose crazy trip around China last year was compulsive reading for me. That’s number 1 Best Mainland China Blog and Best Essayist.

And a big thank you to Simon for hosting the whole thing. Go and pleasure his wishlist.

So take the afternoon off and check out all the amazing stuff being written just for you across Asia.