what i read this week

It’s a smorgasboard of words this week. fro Li Bai all the way up to street slang, don’t ya just love language?

There was an article on the 3rd generation of Chinese artists I was going to write about until Danwei pointed out it had been written using Kaiser Kuo’s That’s Beijing Instant China Journalism Template.

If the story fits the template, then it’s good news for the Chinese foreign correspondents, but You say propaganda… And we say ‘a realistic and balanced portrayal’… as Running Dog drops a bomb on the standard China meme.

1337 $p33|<? ESWN says TMD,7456,偶恨不得一脚TST. Which means – if you’re struggling with Chinese and don’t know hacker-speak – Fuck his mother! I am so angry I could die. I wish I could kill him with one kick..

From one incomprehensible language to another. sinosplice tracks the new blog trend of translating Chinese poetry. Bokane has been getting liquored up with Li Bai and others recently, now Words are Pretty, also on the poetry trip goes for 东北人都是活雷锋.

Not very poetic is what the Three Gorges Dam has done to the river. CSR Asia has a report on the mess being made there, and the other mess in Hong Kong Harbour. mmmm…. pretty rainbow colours…

Having nothing left to do until Chinese New Year, the new Campaign against Spiritual Pollution comes from Hu Jintao. China Digital News reports the target this time is ‘public intellectuals’, which covers pretty much anyone who is interesting.

Sticking with China fucking up for a bit, Peking Duck writes on the Amnesty International paper on human rights (or the lack of them outside of a nicely worded constitution) in China. Feel his wrath.

But it’s nice to know it’s not all crap. Danwei says It’s OK to be gay, then watches smut pour from the pages of Xinhua. Smut!

Anyway, back to words, and singing…

Chinese science-fiction is a huge thing, and zhwj provides a run-down on the various categories.

There’s plenty of awesome music in China, but unless you can read Chinese and know where to go, you’d think that K-TV was the only show in town. Shanghai Streets sets you straight. If you’re in Shanghai that is.

One a Day says 花天酒地, To indulge in a life of debauchery, then wakes up with a hangover and feels utterly ashamed 无地自容

While Yellow Frog patriotically bellows 打败美帝野心狼 Let’s defeat the American Empire Evil-Hearted Wolves at a local opera concert. And provides words and music to sing along with. Goes well with dark Beijing beer.


If you’ve got this far, and come to supernaut because you like art, please read my previous post, new media art wasted, on Australia Council for the :cough: Arts decision to dump the New Media Arts Board. Read the whole thing (come on, it’s Sunday, make yourself a coffee, relax, I know it’s long) then email ozco and remind them they’re supposed to be FOR the arts, like their name says. Thanks.