that’s gets shut down

Here a couple of days ago and gone today. That’s Magazines – Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai were a lifesaver when I first arrived in China, telling me things I actually wanted to know, and not full of the sleazy polyester business-suit expat nobs I avoid in Australia and sure didn’t want to waste time finding myself in the same bar as in Guangzhou.

So now the link to the That’s Magazines website goes to the sleazy expat bar scene across Asia, or something, Asia Expat. All the former three fairly independent and content-specific versions for each city now advertise in excessively bad design tacky hotels and mug-shots of the kind of people you don’t go to Bai Yi Tan to drink with.

That’s Magazines came to the rescue, and their new website will be up soon, even though my gutter-mouthed mind with a propensity for smut in unlikely places immediately translated their new web address into something Beavis and Butthead would appreciate.

A Public Service Announcement: If you haven’t noticed by now, our website isn’t what it used to be. In fact, it isn’t there at all. The whys and wherefores and exactly-hows aren’t worth getting into. Suffice it to say that the situation is a little bit like old Beijing neighborhoods: You know it’s going to get chai’d, you think you know when, and if it happens three weeks too early and in the middle of the night, well, all you can do is grab an armful of your belongings and head for the hills. will be up and running as soon as possible, with the same magazine content, up-to-date events listings, and comprehensive classifieds service you’re used to.