plastic surgery disasters

Actually I’m a bit of a fan of the whole thing, in a post-modern kind of way, especially after finding Genesis P-Orridge formerly of such luminous performance scenes at Throbbing Gristle has, along with his partner decided to have a sex-change – as well as starting a blog… But back to China, where the Miss Artificial Beauty contest s being held, where the post-human is in full effect, and one of the entrants, Liu Xiaojing is a transsexual.

Liu Xiaojing, a 21-year-old finalist from the north-eastern city of Harbin, was a man until three years ago.

“Becoming beautiful is the wish of everyone,” said Ms Liu, who was wearing a strapless turquoise dress.

“I am now legally a woman and this contest is my first formal step toward womanhood,” she said.

Her eligibility was being reviewed by organisers who only learnt of her previous identity on the opening day.

Ms Liu remained determined, however.