passion no patience

Pei-jen Tsai, who I hung out with in Vienna last year, and missed by a few weeks at the Taipei Artist Village where she was also resident is about to perform in Passion No Patience, choreographed by Sioned Huws, along with that other DanceWEB cooker of late night kitchen meals and Deleuzean, Domenico Guistano. For everyone not in Cardiff, Wales for the next few nights, the performance is going out on a live webcast.

Passion no Patience is a chameleonic dance that reveals the architecture of the body explores its construction and attempts to find a dimension within our industrial era ruled by technology. In this perspective, the body becomes space and the space turns into body; within the support of innovative art technologies.

In Passion no Patience, the creation of an interactive network of relations between dancers/space/audience enhances the sensitivity of the choreography. The physical structure of the dancer becomes a space of interaction. The dance gesture finds an unpolluted territory of resonances and the movement assumes a new sensibility. The interaction acts not like a simple mechanical logon, an automatism action/reaction, but more as a research of a perceptive sensual value an emotional term of the movement.

The gesture of the performer becomes a carrier of a new discovery an unexplored dimensions of the space, not a frightening empty virtual space, but an inhabited receptive environment, where the dance finds in collaboration with innovative technologies, an inventive dialectical mode.