176*144 – performance art for 3G phones

My next project in Taipei is performance 3G mobile phones. With Big Brother in Australia getting on the bandwagon with late-night streaming to the video phones, I thought it was time for some art to sneak in like a theif in the night.

176*144 is a very simple project. Artists, choreographers, filmmakers send in short videos and anyone with a 3G handset can download it to their phone from the website and send it to their friends. The perfect way to see art on the subway in the evening

Currently the project is still being put together (video isn’t all up yet), and is going to be part of an exhibition at the 台北國際藝術村 Taipei Artist Village in January next year. So far, thanks to the joy of internet, there are artists from China, Australia, America, and Germany, with more to follow from several other countries in the coming weeks. Wanna put your own work in? email me.