1337 $p33|< in china

TMD,7456,偶恨不得一脚TST? 1337 $p33|< the language of 12 year old script kiddies the world over has made it to the attention of the BBC Chinese news service, where it’s popularity on QQ and mobile phones has spawned a language as fresh as any street slang. ESWN has translated it with notes.


[Literal transalation]

Never thought image’s best friend would lie to image. TMD. 7456. I wish I could TST with one kick.

[Meaning-based translation] I never thought that my best friend would lie to me. Fuck his mother! I am so angry I could die. I wish I could kill him with one kick.

[key substitutions] TMD as the acronym for 他妈的 (fuck his mother!); 7456 as the homonym for 气死我了 (I am so angry I could die); TST as the acronym for 踢死他 (kick him to death).


According to the vice-chairman of the Chinese Linguistic Research Society, there are positive aspects of Internet language: terseness, livelieness and precision. Using 酷 (cruel) to stand for ‘cool’, to use 美眉 (or MM) to refer to ‘girls’ and to use 恐龙(dinosaur) and 青蛙 (frog) to express disgust is consistent with aesthetic customs. The emergence of QQ language reflects the progress of the times. But it was also pointed out that while jargon can circulate within a limited circle, it is not always appropriate to popularize it. Certain QQ language terms violate the principles of the language and should not be tolerated even under a tolerant approach. For example, using 太平公主 (‘princess of peace’ literally, although 太平 can be decomposed into 太 (very) and 平 (flat)) to denote a flat-chested girl is an insult.