what i read this week

Just in case I ever need to recall what I read this week that didn’t have anything to do with the arts, and is what’s going on around Asia at the moment, in no particular order (beyond my bookmark listings) here is a bunch of stuff that I liked. In looking over all this, it struck me just how much stuff gets written about China every week, and how much of it I read. This is a really selective summary too, just the stuff that I did more than scan, and stuff that I think is pretty fine writing, the equal of and in many cases far superior to buying the local fish n’ chip wrapping paper.

Peking Duck shows us what happens when the village idiot gets hold of the Great Helmsman’s Little Red Book.

Nui Nui gets busted when her old man, a juiced up cadre in Shenzhen makes local school kids pay to see her latest fantasy flick. Danwei has the Niu Niu on the cover of Sanlian Life Weekly.

Lots of stuff going on at China Digital News, which is always a daily goldmine but the Chinese Blog Revolution, spawned by a piece in New Scientist and technologist/blogger Dan Gilmore is probably what I read most. This piece and the many surrounding articles have also been sumarised at T-Salon.

中国农民调查, The Chinese Peasant Study, is something that EastSouthNorthWest has both written about alot and provided translations, and goes the extra mile with the verdict on the lawsuit against the authors immanent.

Simon World’s twice-weekly Asia by Blog is the best summary of what’s going on around Asia. Perfect for compulsive clickers like me.

Dan Washburn of Shanghai Diaries has made it back there after four months playing Jack Kerouac (or maybe Ma Jian) including hanging out in Guangzhou with the orchestra and making me miss already Liwan.

It’s just another day down the mines at CSR Asia where a gas explosion has left 187 miners trapped, in a month of similar disasters.

One a Day says 无懈可击invunerable, and I wonder if I can hack their rss feed so I can put the daily idiom over to the right somewhere…

Shanghai Crimewatch I only just discovered. Anyway, being the ardent anti-religion person I am, I got a kick out of the bitch fight for peasants’ souls between the Three Grades of Servants and the Eastern Lightning.

Angry Chinese Blogger talks about the idiocy of the Beijing Universities halting the distribution of condoms to students, just when a Beijing initiative to deal with HIV/AIDS was starting.

Running Dog looks at why China has such a bug up its ass over Japan, especially after the recent tourist excursion by a Chinese sub into Japanese waters.

While even the garbage trucks here play ear-splitting casiotone tunes doing their rounds, thanks to A Better Tomorrow I now know the non-garbage ones serve a much higher purpose – democracy. It’s election time in Taiwan and ABTOM has the skinny – and the dirt on all the players.

After all that seriousness, it’s good to know there’s someone in China paying attention to the important things in life: drinking, smoking and fucking. sinobling takes it away with the lowdown on The Hangzhou Babe Scene.