that four-letter word…

And half a world away in glorious San Francisco, LEVYdance are about to start a season at ODC Theatre having just finished a rock n’ roll tour of the country. One of the dancers in the company is Lauren Slater, who I had a wild time in Vienna last year with. She’s one amazing dancer and we have plans to be back in Vienna next year.

LEVYdance will be presenting three new works this year with one returning favorite. Holding Pattern – originally built at ODC House Special 2003, is a work exploring the body’s retention of emotional memory and the way individuals develop addictions to behavior that alter and define our daily experience of reality. Playing with perceptions and fantasies about love.

That Four-Letter Word… is a journey into the illusory and mysterious world of preconceptions surrounding the most universally debated subject of all time. In this new work, the messy stumbling toward acceptance is as vital as the many lies we sustain to simply stay in the game.

Falling After Too – An intensely physical mens duet on the topic of time lapse in emotional relationships addresses the missed connections and the feeling of 20/20 hindsight in the search for shared clarity at different stages of readiness and revelation. And lastly, inspired by the manic physicality and irrepressible energy of childhood playgrounds, Romp explodes the paradox of deep vulnerability and unfettered spontaneity, that unspoiled cocktail of youth.