qj studios – 没大没小 Mei Da Mei Xiao

Just before I left Guangzhou, I had a couple of conversations about the art scene in the city, which seems to be a bit empty of the artist collectives, spaces and bars that are so much part of the Beijng scene and pretty much any other city with a big art scene. So today That’s Guangzhou come to the rescue with a piece on QJ Studios across the river in Panyu and the up-coming exhibition 没大没小Mei Da Mei Xiao

The exhibition will present multimedia work, such as video and installation, as well as experimental paintings and other contemporary works by artists from all over the globe. Installation artist Huang Xiaopeng, who studied at the Slade School of Art in London, recently returned to Guangdong to accept a faculty appointment at the Guangzhou Academy. Xiaopeng will show his work alongside an American-born multi-media artist, Jeremy Vaughan, who has been living in Guangzhou for two years. Another American, painter Melanie Zwartjes, a recent addition to the Guangzhou art scene, will also exhibit work as well as young video artist Zhang Jia Ping. The mounds of paperwork, approval, and permits necessary to hold an exhibition in China typically make it difficult not only for foreign artists to exhibit their work here, but also difficult for young or experimental artists. All of the nearly 25 artists participating are delighted not only to have a place to show their work, but a place to show their work together, devoid of political boundaries.