One of the projects I’m doing in Taipei is performances for mobile phones. It’s pretty basic use of existing technology, 3G phones, web sites, a bit of css tweaking, like a short film festival only for people with special phones. Beats the crap out of watching Big Brother Up Late on streaming video. So far the response has been awesome, going far beyond the dance performance criteria I initially planned. Lots of people from all over the world have sent me their work, and somehow my initial email to a few people has become a virus. For a few days or a week there is silence, then for no apparent reason I get a flood of emails from people wanting to contribute their own art. Maybe this is from successive postings of my initial email on various email lists, or just truly random response times. Either way, it’s what makes me love the internet.

And I get to see alot of really cool art from people I’d never otherwise hear of. So, I’m going to rave about nofzilla, Liz Nofziger, whose tiny beautiful films are one of the coolest things I’ve seen since Emile Zile rocked the world with satanic laptop black metal in morloch. I love art and this is why.