it park – chen kaihuang tchenogramme

Last night, the 伊通公園 ItPark in I-Tong St near the TAV had the opening of 陳愷璜 Chen Kai-Huang’s 關於 ‘TCHENOGRAMME’ (a priopos du tchenogramme). The ItPark is in a street which I stumbled along on my bike looking for, and almost not finding. A small unobtrusive door and narrow stairs leads up to the three level gallery/cafe/rooftop garden packed with many of the same faces who were at Friday night’s Rumor of China Towns’ opening. Kai-huang has been exhibiting at the ITPark for years, and tchenogramme is something of a small retrospective of his recent work, crossing between architecture and slightly deranged industrial design, video, and works on paper.

How this island be possible? is not a question. In the question of “how this island be possible;” nevertheless, has implied the presumption of “this island is already possible,” while raising the issue further: where is the potentiality of how this island be possible? Chen Kaihuang’s island could merely be a fiction lacking any reference. It could be you who have never been captured, me who have never been realized; it could be whosoever or even the Island that is opposed to the Mainland.