i don’t understand

Since starting this part of my site almost 7 months ago, after having a very small flash-based news section on main part of my site for a while, I’ve received maybe 25 genuine comments, and several hundred spam including the 100 comment cluster-fuck I discovered today after a couple of days with no internet while in transit. This is despite having MT-Blacklist installed, MT-CloseComments installed, custom names for the mt-comments.cgi etc. All the things you are supposed to do to avoid this kind of network-art.

A while ago I closed comments for a period, but then reopened them. I’m not sure why. So again, I’m closing them. Like trackbacks, blog-rolls, referrers, and all the other stuff that is seen to define what a blog is, comments can be great, especially on a high-traffic site where they serve a the closest thing the web has to an email discussion list. Comments on this site though don’t really have a purpose beyond the occasional tangible proof that more than just spam-bots and search-engine spiders are visiting this.

For me, trackbacks, blog-rolls, comments and all are largely irrelevant. I’m just trying to document what goes on in the arts in the countries I have a personal attachment to, and with various artists I whose work I like, and maybe it’s useful for someone, or when someone says to me, “what’s the scene like in Guangzhou?”, this can give them more useful information than a quick half-thought-out email.

If you want to say something, send me an email, it’s more fun.