hong yi at huashan

華山創意文化園區 Huashan was going crazy today with a couple of openings and the C04 台灣前衛文件展- Co4 taiwan avant-garde documenta II exhibition in full swing. So with the usual mob of artists from the village and stomachs full of nuirou tangmian, we first stopped by 王綺穗 Wang Qi Sui’s Representations – Nostalgia 2004. Lots of giant close-ups of flowers and leaves, all painted in a dreamy, out-of-focus, The Virgin Suiicides way.

Next was 瘣芣 Hong Yi, who is a friend of 陳尚平 Chen Shang Ping who is at the Artist Village now. Hong Yi’s delirious technicolor sculptures are like a trip to a Buddhist temple on acid, and possibly the result of working for a long time with fibreglass and enamel paint in an unventilated studio. The centrepiece, behind the brightly lit and shiny light-boxes and totems was the monstrous Prosperity, five panels covering most of the width of the factory gallery. Like being in a temple, there were the cushions to kneel on in front, and the Sakyamuni Buddha dominates the centre. And like any good opening, plenty of red wine and food to go

We made it through the door into the Co4 exhibition, but that was about it. I’m holding back for tonight. I might not have a ticket to 王非 Wang Fei (damn!) but The Deported are playing tonight at DV8, wherever that is …