colin at the taipei artist village

Last night Colin, one of the Australians staying in the Taipei Artist Village played a concert in the main gallery. Among the many traditional Asian instruments he plays, from Papua New Guinea to Mongolia and most countries in-between, he plays what someone called ‘the weapon’. As well as being able to play almost anything he picks up, Colin also makes instruments, drawing on his quite amazing knowledge of traditional and folk instruments from all over the world. So, ‘the weapon’ is a large stringed instrument which uses his mouth as a harmonic reverb box. Thin of a sitar crossed with a didgeridoo, played with a Mongolian horserider’s bow or a pair of chopsticks.

Colin was joined by Kimbo, a local singer and musician who kept us entertained when the party moved upstairs, as usual back into Paul and Jane’s apartment. With most of the artist village crammed in, plus several other musicians and artists from Taipei and around the country, Colin, like all good Australians magically produced a couple of bottles of Australian red wine. Along with plenty of Taiwan beer and the left-over food from the concert, this kept us talking, and Colin and Kimbo singing until the early hours.